A YouTube to MP4 converter tool lets you download YouTube videos and save them in MP4 format for offline viewing. MP4 is compatible with most devices, like PCs, smartphones, and gaming consoles.

These converters can convert videos from YouTube and other social media platforms to popular video and audio formats. Some offer batch downloading and conversion to save time. Preset profiles might also be included to simplify choosing the best compression, quality, and format for your device.

The MP4 format, developed by the ISO (International Organization for Standardization), offers compressed video storage with minimal quality loss compared to other formats.

Downloading copyrighted videos without permission is illegal. However, downloading non-copyrighted videos for personal use is permitted.

Typically, you copy the video URL, paste it into the converter, choose the format (MP3 or MP4), and click "Download." Once converted, you can save the video to your device.